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Spring is coming. You can smell it in the air. The choking smell of smoke and haze. *cough cough*. Spring in Singapore is usually heralded by the thick smell of haze in the air and not the fresh scent of new grass and flowers sadly.

My Misu Donut project (parody of Mister Donut) is completed for this week! And I have acquired a ball-jointed doll girl late last month; and she's given the name of Julia Knightsbridge. Usually I'd just refer her to 'the doll', Miss Julia or Juri-chan. I haven't gotten a concrete identity as to what kind of personality she has but I expect it to develop over time as I continue to get to know her better.

Thank you to everyone who added my works to their Favorites and those who have put me on their Deviantwatch. If you have added me, I'd add you back of course! :) -- My clay crafting blog… -- My Photostream if you want the quickest photo-updates
Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

This month's work on french sweets have been extremely fruitful and I had made a couple of experiments, got to know more miniaturists online and also am included in the Mini Food Blog, with great thanks to Snowfern (<3 her!) and Sumaiya from the Mini Food Blog itself.

Next month, I would like to work on an assortment of breads, burgers, sandwiches and the likes. It is definitely a different challenge compared to sweets. But I'll still be making sweets and attempting to perfect some of the more popular ones like the choux cream/profiterole, the french cruellers and my macarons. -- My clay crafting blog… -- My Photostream if you want the quickest photo-updates
Thank you to all customers who have purchased from Over the Moon at Soy'B on Jan 30. As you can see -- I am an aspiring miniaturist doing clay products as well. You can watch my DA space for updates on completed products or visit my crafting blog for updates, works in progress as well as experiments about clay-play. If you're interested in second-hand books and items, visit Satsugai Books, our second-hand unique goods blog-store. -- My clay crafting blog -- S-Books, Secondhand unique books and goods blog-store.
If you have arrived here via our meeting at Soy'B Cosplay Event, welcome! As you can see the DA account is still rather bare at the moment and I am in the midst of working on a series of Valentine Day miniature sweets offerings. You can catch up with me at my blogspot blog, or head over to my flickr account to see the latest works in progress.

Glad to have met you, friend! :)
This is an old, old account once used for anime artwork but I've decided to branch into another hobby, deco-food and miniature munchies making. This DA will be for completed works instead. If you want to see my works in progress as well as usual blabbing about crafting foibles, head over to my blog. :)